This blog will document the process of creating a short film for CCAD's Design for Media class, directed by Don Yoakam.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Here is the final film!

Here is the making-of video:

Monday, November 5, 2012

Week 5: we're almost done!

We've been working hard on this project for the past several weeks, and our whole team is so excited to be finishing up this week! The short (and the documentary about its production) will premiere on Thursday morning at the Gateway Film Center.

We came up with a title for the short, so "Project Yoakam" is now called...

Murphy, CCAD, and You

This week was busy for everyone with all the final shooting and the beginning of editing.

The visual effects team is continuing to work on the explosion for the final scene, check out a rough preview here:

The documentary crew is almost finished with their video as well. They've done a great job at documenting the entire process of this project, and this past week they've been very busy editing and getting a few more interviews. See a short preview over at Derrick's blog!

Tomorrow we are screening a rough cut of the short for our whole group so that we can discuss any changes that need to be made for the screening on Thursday.

The final short and the final documentary will be posted right here on this blog on Thursday, November 8th, so be sure to check those out! Until then, here's a quick teaser:

Monday, October 29, 2012

Week 4

This past week, we started shooting the actual video! It was very successful, but a couple scenes are going to be reshot tomorrow just to make sure everything is perfect. Here are some pictures from the shoot! (Click to enlarge)


Here's a screenshot from some of the unedited footage for the short!

For more of these shots and more detailed information about how the shoot went, check out our director of photography's blog here.

Jacob, Kevin, and William have been working on the VFX for the explosion at Kinney Hall. Here's a rough video of what they have so far!

Check out William's blog for more information on how that process is going.
We need to reshoot a couple scenes from Tuesday, so everyone needs to come in on Tuesday, Oct 30 at 9 am. We are also going to go over different stuff once we finished the few scenes we have to shoot. 

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

We only have a few scenes left that need to be filmed, and we will not need any extras for them. So Thursday, October 25 only the puppet crew, film crew, documentary crew, Jake B and Kevin H have to show up to the meeting at 8 am

Marketing and post-production crew does not need to show up, just make sure to post on your blogs what you worked on and keep in contact with Don. 

Monday, October 22, 2012

Week 3

The script has been finalized and the puppet is finished. We start shooting first thing tomorrow morning! 
Click here for Jake's final version of the script.
Jake will also be giving life to our puppet, Murphy!

Our director made some notes on the process of the puppet construction:

Here is our finished puppet. Meet MURPHY!

The documentary crew continued shooting interviews this week, including one with our director.

They also continued documenting the rest of the team as they worked.

Jacob A. has been working on the effects for the explosion scene at the end of the film. Here's some of what he has so far!

Kevin H. created this motion graphics example for the CCAD logo that will be shown at the end of the film.

The story team has now become the marketing team, and they have been brainstorming possible titles and poster designs for the film. They are getting together on Tuesday to decide those things. Check out their individual blogs for their ideas!

Chelsea T.
Emily C.
Beth W.
Taylor H.
Catherine C.

Just another quick review and reminder for our next meeting Tuesday, October 23 at 8 am. 

For our next meeting all Film crew and Documentary crew have to show up at 8 am because we are going to begin filming. Everyone else please come as extras. If you are a commuter you do not have to show up if you do not want to be in the film. We may end up sending people home if we have too many people. Everyone that can show up please do because too many is always better than too few. 

We have a puppet actor! Jake Bova will be giving Murphy life.

Also the Marketing crew is going to have title pitches for project Yoakam next week for posters and competitions.

Everything is going great, we are making awesome progress. Lets keep it up for the final 3 weeks for this project!